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The Homing Pigeon was great to work with – they are creative, proactive and very client-centered. She understood our needs even though we never met face to face. They were a call away whenever we needed them and they were fabulous with always keeping us in the loop. The three packages are flexible – we got great value working with The Homing Pigeon. Yay for online business!

Waterfall, S. and M. Puente

We would just like to say a big thank you to the Homing Pigeon for transforming the spaces in our home. With both of us working full time, neither of us necessarily had the time to wander from shop to shop looking for items of furniture, much less items of furniture that would suit the style and feel of a particular room.

The Homing Pigeon took all of the effort and stress out of redecorating. Mood Boards were developed that catered exactly for our taste in furniture, and any changes that we needed to be made were made quickly and in line with our requests. On ordering the pieces that we had chosen, all of the possible hassle of co-coordinating with suppliers was taken over by the Homing Pigeon, leaving us stress-free and ready to enjoy the pieces when they arrived.

A phenomenal service, we can’t thank you enough!

Illovo, N. Naude

Homing Pigeon has really been an incredible decorating experience that has been easy to use and supports the approach of doing a room at a time on a budget whilst still achieving a sophisticated room design. I would highly recommend Keshia’s services and I can’t wait to update my next room.

Durban, M. Butterworth

The thought of furnishing a home is daunting. This is especially the case when you`re a first-time home-owner and all you own is a bed and second- hand- cob-web tangled bookshelf. The anxiety is exaggerated by the fact that the only comfort you have is the echo of your own voice reverberating off the walls of your desolate apartment and the tumbleweeds in your living room. Endless Saturdays spent at Builders` pondering screwdrivers is not enough to equip you for the journey ahead. It is Everest without a Sherpa – that is until you meet the Homing Pigeon.

The slick and professional operation brings with it many things I don’t possess –  most notably, taste and style. These attributes, I have now learned, are required when it comes to interior design. They walk (or, in my case, carry) you through the process ascertaining your individual preferences by exchanging design revisions with you. They understand your budget and advise accordingly. They send you a shopping list and let you know when certain outlets are having specials. Where they can, they contact suppliers for you and invoice you directly. Their fees are reasonable and their service is first-rate. All of this is done remotely – from your laptop or cell phone. Its 2017 and thanks to the Homing Pigeon, no longer is the service of an interior designer reserved for the well-to-do. The Homing Pigeon brings with it a service which makes interior design available to everyone. In fact, the service pays for itself by virtue of the savings you incur on furniture which is procured either from cost-effective boutique retailers or on special. The Homing Pigeon has its finger on the pulse and is well connected with a variety of suppliers nationally. Best of all, the final product is unique and doesn’t make your home look like it was furnished by your uncle in the furniture business.

The Homing Pigeon is an innovative start-up which I would recommend wholeheartedly and I can`t thank them enough for their excellent service.

B. Edwards