Coffee Table Styling
Step 1. Start with a Tray

A tray assists in making items look organised rather that stuff you forgot to put away.

If you have a bigger coffee table, use a couple of trays, different shapes colours, and textures that blend in with the whole room design.

Start with a tray
Step 2. Stack Some Books

Odd numbers are your secret weapon in décor. It goes without saying to use attractive book covers

Stack some books
Step 3. Add Some Flowers And/Or Greenery

Plants add organic beauty and soothing natural elements. Flowers need to be changed regularly thus bringing always something new for your eyes to be entertained and admired with.

Add flowers
Step 4. Vary Heights

Add a tall vase, a short but wide bowl. Use candlesticks of different height.  If everything is the same height it will look to flat, so play with heights and have some fun.

Vary Heights
Step 5. Add An Odd Item

Put something that is different, AN irregular shape or unusual. Add some interest and personality to the styling.

Add an odd item
Step 6. Add Your Love

Remember: at the end of the day, it is YOUR space and needs to be a reflection of you. Add a personal item, that brings you good memories. You will see the transformation of the coffee table once your personal touch is added.

Add your love

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