Book Case Styling
Tip 1. Colour Scheme

Choose a colour scheme to use for all of the shelves you are decorating.  The easiest combination is to keep everything neutral with the addition of one or two colours that tie in with your whole room.

Colour Scheme
Tip 2. Less is More

More smaller items make the space look cluttered – therefore go for larger but fewer items

Less is More
Tip 3. Size Does Matter

Vary your height of items – eg place books horizontally and vertically.

Size Does Matter
Tip 4. Balance

Think of a seesaw – if one item is bigger than the other – it’s just not fun or appealing. Therefore if you have a large item on one side, do the same on the other. Odd numbers in the world of decorating is always a good idea.

Tip 5. Personalise

Make it your own! You want special memories or personality traits to come through. Some suggestions are old favourite books, family photos, and greenery.

Personalise your Book Case

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