Bathroom Styling
Tip 1. Use Trays

Trays assist to decluttering while making items look organised and well designed. 

Bathroom Trays
Tip 2. Use Different Sized and Shaped Jars

Use pretty jars in different shapes and sizes keep bathroom necessities handy.

Use Different size jars
Tip 3. Keep Clutter at Bay

Store other items that aren’t used often in cabinets and keep the space organized and neat.

Keep clutter at bay
Tip 4. House Plants

Don’t add clutter. House plants look fresh and alive and the natural element worked to make it look more open. Stick with small plants to avoid them taking up space.

House Plants
Tip 5. Keep it Tiday

Bathrooms tend to be small areas and only look best when kept tidy. one towel out of place in a tidy room can make the whole room look a mess.

Keep it tidy
Tip 6. Fragrance

Nothing smells as good as fresh air so do open the window when you can. Alternately scented reeds, candles, diffusers or regular air fresheners will keep the room feeling fresh and airy which also adds to a sense of space.

Bathroom Fragrance

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