5 Ways to Update an awkward space on a budget
1. Wallpaper all the way

Some spaces just need that je ne se quoi… as they say. When you are stuck with an awkward corner that has the space that allows for wallpaper, do just that. If it is a small wall, wallpaper application isn’t all that expensive and it has an instant way of transforming a space from drab to fab instantly. Be cautious though, always hire a professional wallpaper installer do the heavy lifting (well…sticking in this case). It is a fine art and is something you don’t want to mess up, or else you have to go buy yourself more wallpaper… which ends up being an expensive exercise. Trust us on this one!

2. Interesting Wall Feature

If wallpaper isn’t your thing or is still too expensive, fear not. We have more suggestions for you. So you have that wall that you just don’t know what to do with… create an interesting feature wall. Whether you paint it a colour with contrasting shelves, add a floor lamp create a feature with décor or picture frames, you can instantly create a feature with the bare minimum and without breaking the bank. Have a look at our beautiful floor lamps here.

wall feature
wall feature
3. Cosy corner

Do you have a corner that you have no clue what to do with? It sits there gathering dust while you walk past it every day with frustration? Well, here’s an idea. Create a cosy corner where you can pop your feet up, pull out your favourite book while sipping on coffee (or wine.. We don’t judge) and lap up the relaxation in luxury and style. Even add floating shelves with décor or books and create an official reading corner. The options are limitless. Don’t know where to find stylish day chairs, The Homing Pigeon can get them custom made to spec for you. Contact us here.

cosy corner
4. Seated Gallery Wall

Just install a magnetic door catch. Roller-style ones also work, but it’s easier to line up a magnetic catch. Literally the most simple way to avoid frustrating doors that tend to want to stay open.

seated gallery wall
5. Awkward Cove

That nook and cranny in your home you wish you knew what to do with… well here is your solution. Create your very own DIY seating area. Either get your local carpenter to build you a seat and have it installed for you, or try to do it yourself. Place interesting art and scatters on the seat and you have yourself and 5-star interior designed space at a phenomenal price.


DIY seating area ideas
DIY Seating area

We’re rebels with a cause – rattling the foundations of the design industry as you read! So, if you have a flair for the good life, grab a hold of us and transform your house into an exceptional and enviable masterpiece that you can be proud to call your home.

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