5 Things you need to buy to change your space quickly but cost effectively
1. Statement Artwork

Sometimes trawling through high-end art galleries are just not feasible. As nice as it would be to have an art piece that screams “art snob”, your wallet is just holding you back. There is, of course, the other option of going through the normal shops in the malls, but you don’t really want to have the same items as every other person in your complex. Enter…. The creative juices. Purchase a blank canvas or two, buy various colours, crack open a bottle of wine with some friends and start having some fun. Put the canvas out on the grass, allocate different colour paint brushes to different colours and start spraying. No need to be calculated, the more fun you have the better. Your friends will have such fun while they drink your wine, create some art and have some pride when they come to your house feeling they assisted in creating the beautiful art work.

statement artwork
2. Plants

Add plants to the long list of items that surprisingly cost money. Why is that surprising? Because they die—easily, too—so the return on investment is low. So go purchase some faux plants that will last a lifetime (well a much longer than a lifetime of a real plant). You can get some really good quality plants that just require some light dusting, and readjusting every now and then. Add them to a high-quality planter and you will have yourself a professionally designed feature at a cost-effective budget. Check out The Homing Pigeons planters for the professional look.

Indoor Plants
3. Everyday Artwork

Framing everyday objects is another way to use your budget effectively while creating a unique and quirky look. If you’re into crossword puzzles, normal puzzles, or even collecting cool pieces of wallpaper. Have them framed in a unique way and you can create the most eye-catching feature.

everyday artwork
4. Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs can turn a space from dull to wow in an instant. Have a look at your current colour scheme and find a rug that matches similar tones. That way it can be easily introduced to the space. Ensure it is a legitimate outdoor rug to save yourself disappointment when some rain gets on it and it weathers quickly. Outdoor rugs are made of harder textures to endure the outdoor elements.

outdoor rug
5. Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are a quick and easy way to add different heights to the room, a different source of light and well as an extra layer of warmth and homeliness. Find a corner that is uninhabited and make a home for a new lamp to add more value than you realise to the space. The Homing Pigeon has different style lamps for every taste here.

Floor Lamps
6. Scatter Cushions

Life is just wonderful when you have options, especially options that don’t cost a fortune! Scatter cushions are our favourite fuss-free way to instantly change a space while remaining cost-effective. Keep everything the same but exchange your cushions for new updated ones, and you will be so impressed, and relieved, at how easy the change was. Your bank account will thank you for it. The Homing Pigeon is renowned for their collection of modern, eye-catching and cost-effective scatters. Check them out here.


scatter cushions

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