Skills to Learn to save on Home Maintenance

You finally purchased your first home, and what a sense of achievement that is! You have sacrificed, skimmed and saved where you can to finally put the down payment on this baby! You have moved in, all the furniture is in (hand me downs or new, who cares, it’s starting to feel like home!

Now that you have moved in, the real work starts. You start living in the space and notice things just aren’t right. There are some serious snags you wish you picked on prior to moving in. Even after months of living in the space, these. Cheeky issues rear their admin intensive and budget sucking heads, and these things cannot go unattended to.

Sure, you can hire a professional to come in and sort out the issues, however, this adds to the spend on the home and sucks your wallet try. If you have the cash to spend on professionals coming in and sorting out these problems, then be our guest. If you want to save on costs where possible, we are going to teach you a few tricks of the trade to keep your wallet flush and stress levels low.

1. Painting

Any home can look terribly drab if it has lost its fresh lick of paint. It doesn’t matter how modern, big or grand it may be, if its outer paint coat looks like Victoria Beckham dressed in hessian rags (as if this would ever happen), people won’t know how beautiful the final product actually is. Keeping the paint fresh and up to date with modern pantones, you will instantly transform the look. Click here to learn how to clean like a pro:

The same goes for indoors. There is nothing worse than walking into a space that has the colour sucking the life out of it. Have a look at this link to learn some handy skills in the painting department:

Painting before and after
2. Woodworking

Shelves, doors, and stools are items that people often need to be added to their home. These items can be terribly expensive if made by someone else. Working on these skills allows you to start making these items while saving the extra costs by paying someone else. These skills come in handy when maintenance around the home becomes an issue. When a skirting is broken, or a window is dislodged, no need to nag the hubby anymore. He will be so impressed when you bring out your tool kit and do it yourself.

Having a hobby is a very important aspect of life, but when it adds value and helps you save money in the long term, it’s a win-win for everyone. HERE IS A STARTER VIDEO FOR YOU TO GET GOING:

3. Fixing and Old Rickety Chair

Do you have that one chair that you insist on sitting on when guests are over in the fear that it is going to collapse from underneath them? Heres a quick fix to save you from taking the whole chair apart.

Just drill pilot holes ( drive trim-head)  and put screws through the bottom of the rungs and into the legs. Voila… you have yourself a sturdy, guest friendly chair.

Fixing a rickety chair
4. Stubborn Doors

Just install a magnetic door catch. Roller-style ones also work, but it’s easier to line up a magnetic catch. Literally the most simple way to avoid frustrating doors that tend to want to stay open.

How to fix a stubborn door
5. Get rid of ugly roof stains

Spray the spot with a bleach and water solution (10 percent bleach), and wait a day or two. If it’s an old stain, use a mold and mildew remover from the grocery store. You’d be surprised how often the stain disappears by the next day. It works on both flat and textured ceilings.

Wear safety goggles, and make sure you protect the walls and floors with plastic.

Getting rid of mold

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