Autumn Trends

A change of season can bring about a change of interior design. Whether we like it or not, trends infiltrate most aspects of our lives, and that is no different to interior design.  Instead of you trolling through Pinterest and heaps of magazine articles, we have made it easy for you to choose your top picks for Autumn 2019 interior design trends, to ensure your rooms are always looking slick and beautiful.

1. Gold is the new black

Starting with our favourite – having gold touch points in the living space. Gold has a way of revamping the room, adding glamour and class while remaining understated (if done correctly). High end appliances, black gold and raw finishes are all elements with the gold glow to add to the room to ensure that the room stays at a high class level of “wow”.

Autumn Trends
2. The yellow curry

This is a warm and magnificent colour. It brings life to a space that exudes personality and demands the spotlight. If you are brave and know what you’re doing, use this as the main attraction, alternatively, it can be displayed in minimal and well designed décor touch points. Yellow curry is like the friendly girl at school, she goes with any crowd. This colour matches most colours and if you aren’t sure you know what you’re doing in the interior design realm, add yellow curry colours and you can’t go too wrong. Get your yellow curry mustard scatters here –

Yellow is the New Curry
3. Plush Velvet

Velvet is back in full swing and people are loving it. It is perfect for creating a warm and cocooning feel to a room. Velvets are taking over all forms, sofas, chairs and scatter cushions. Helpful hint: if you are more budget conscious, implement velvet through scatter cushions to revamp the room to be on – trend but when you want to change the look, you won’t be crying your way to the bank as you just need to change the scatters for a simple yet effective make-over. The Homing Pigeon has you covered with sexy scatters for you to have a rapid makeover at minimal costs –

Plush Velvet
4. Mid-century modern

With Mid Century Modern being the most inspiring, opulent and glamorous periods in design history, it has now come back with a vengeance. Touches of  Art Deco are popping up in all elements, tables, chairs as well as lighting. Just like Beyoncé bought the coolness and sexiness of curves back, this Mid Century Modern look is doing the same. Rounded edges and organic shapes are showing up in all forms. Keep an eye out for this trend, you will start seeing it everywhere.

Old is back
5. Indoor plants

Indoor plants are a trend that never seems to get old. The trend for Autumn, however, is plants with patterned leaves. Don’t like the responsibility of keeping an indoor plant alive and kicking? No worries. Grab a good quality faux plant to imitate the look and voila, you have yourself a trendy space that’s admin free (minus the occasional light dusting). Another trend to keep an eye out for is is to concentrate plants in one room, table or window, instead of having them scattered. The more the merrier! Have different planters, textures and coloured pots to create an authentic and fun vibe as well as to keep the plants under control. Play with scale, (some high some low, some wide some thin). This makes the space feel well designed. Odd numbers are always best when trying to create a stylised look. Take a look at our beautiful planters that will keep you on-trend for not just Autumn, but many seasons to come.

Indoor plats is a must have
6. Black & Bold

Eye-catching, dramatic and bold is everything black stands for. It creates a high –contrast look. It’s not just any form of black, it’s matt black that is trending now. Introduce this look in your lighting, seating and servers, and home décor items. This trend doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon, so you can invest in some key pieces to ensure you are trending in Autumn and all the seasons to come. Have a quick transformation and get yourself some black décor pieces to keep up with the trends.

Black and Bold is Beautiful
7. Sustainable and Natural Fabrics

It wouldn’t be trends if we didn’t talk bout sustainability. This isn’t so much a trend, but more a way people are designing and thinking. Being environmentally conscious is incredibly important, but also makes you cool if you are forward thinking. Sustainable fabrics are now a thing. They are natural fabrics which can be used in upholstered furniture, throws, cushions and tapestries. It’s even trendy to have interesting fabrics framed or organically hanging on the wall as a mural. Being environmentally and sustainably conscious is a direction most people are going, and should become more mainstream, rather than thought of as a trend.

Natural fabrics is the way to go

We’re rebels with a cause – rattling the foundations of the design industry as you read! So, if you have a flair for the good life, grab a hold of us and transform your house into an exceptional and enviable masterpiece that you can be proud to call your home.

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