So, you’re feeling categorically shattered after yet another week of grafting your butt off? You work the grind day in and day out, so you can drive your beloved wheels, don snazzy clothes and live in an upmarket area of your choosing. But alas, a puzzle piece is amiss… Your humble abode lacks the panache of all your other assets and simply doesn’t warrant the impressive lifestyle you’re working so hard for. The issue is that you just don’t have the time – or interest for that matter – to exchange weekends of revelries with your mates for the dull intricacies of picking out paint and matching fabric colours. Sure, you could take on an interior designer – but for a small fortune at that. This is where THP swoops in to save the day – if you will…

1. Create a Space You can be Proud of

Some folks refurb their homes for practical purposes – yawn – while others want a space with their style signature stamped all over it! Perhaps all it takes is a Feng Shui reboot to create a haven to chillax in with your fave glass of bubbles or single malt at the end of a frantic day. Or perhaps, it takes a total facelift to evoke that ‘Ooooooooooo-Aaaaaaaaaah’ response from your family and friends that screams #winning@life. Whatever your reason, you want to bask luxuriously in your own space while turning the heads of your nearest and dearests’, so space makeovers are the quintessential must-haves that simply cannot be ignored!

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2. Get Your Dream Home Design all Online

We know that life in the fast lane has become the norm, thanks to this world we now call digital. Throw high profile careers and around-the-clock social lives into the mix and voila – convenience becomes one heck of an asset! Who honestly has the time to source and shop for each nitty-gritty detail of a home revamp? Not you! That’s why The Homing Pigeon is right up your ally!

Our exclusive online platform for elite socialites, just like you, helps you to realise your dream space from anywhere, at any time, in a few virtual exchanges with our design squad. Say ciao to endless site meetings and mundane shopping sprees with someone you’d rather see the back of, and hello to getting back to sipping on champers and throwing fabulous soirees because, heck, life’s too short not to!

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3. Affordable and Accessible

One hellish barrier that puts folks off hiring interior designers is the abominable costs of the services they get in return. Haemorrhaging cash for sub-par results throws all value out the proverbial window, bringing on that dreaded buyer’s remorse. Which is why – at a fraction of the cost – THP will allocate you with your very own online design team, providing a suite of professional services that are worth every hard-earned penny of yours. THP delivers haute couture results, so you get tangible value for your money – every step of the way.  See The Homing Pigeons affordable packages to start your design process –

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4. Save you from making costly mistakes

Our designers will save you from making rookie errors that are inevitable time and money wasters – commodities that people like you can ill afford to squander! We take control of your design venture, making the best use of the space and resources you have available, without you having to blow cash unnecessarily. We ensure your project stays on track, preventing the wheels from falling off, so you don’t have to.

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5. We Hear and Listen to What you Want and Need

We often come across clients that have felt overlooked by the average designer as they tend to hear but not listen to what you want. Not only that, they’re inclined to needlessly drag the process out to justify those insanely high costs. We’re humbly amazing and nit-pickingly particular in understanding exactly what your needs and wants are, delivering you a spot-on and authentic product – in a reasonable timeframe minus the superfluous fussing about! We have developed a quiz for our clients to complete which allows us to understand their personal design preferences, without them having to explain it to us. We design their spaces, to what our clients want, and not what we THINK they want and need.

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We’re rebels with a cause – rattling the foundations of the design industry as you read! So, if you have a flair for the good life, grab a hold of us and transform your house into an exceptional and enviable masterpiece that you can be proud to call your home.

Don’t believe us, do you? Sounds too good to be true? Well, don’t take our word for it, you can read what our clients think of us below!

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